House and Lot for Sale

P3,500.00 / per Night

214 Mission Rd

Contact Number: 63744248731



Description: 3 fully self contained transient apartments, 2 x 2 Br, good for up to 7 guests each 1 x 4 BR good for up to 16 guests. One of Baguio's best, cleanest and most complete vacation rentals


General Completely self contained, with all modern ammenities, you only need to bring your toiletries, food and towels. Everything else is icluded in the apartments
Activities Ideally located approx 5 mins to SM or Burnham Park, great for family get togethers
Services Vacation rentals and van hire, Manila-Baguio- Manila and including local tours
Parking Secure onsite parking slots with automatic lighting & 24/7 CCTV.
Others Located in an upscale part of Baguio, with many beautiful houses in our neighborhood.